Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What To Do When It's Too Cold Outdoors To Shop

It was one darn cold weekend and I just stayed indoors the whole weekend. In order to avoid eating and to keep warm, I kept the needles moving!

This spring I will be taking a couple workshops with Merry Cox offered by the Needlework Guild of Minnesota. The first is Shepherd's Retreat Sewing Case. I got the kit out and started the prework, i.e., stitching! If it is all stitched, I should be able to come home from the workship with a finished case. It's being worked on 36 ct. antique cotton R & R Reproductions Linen using Soie d'Alger Silk, Gloriana Silk, DMC and Sampler Threads. I was only able to work on it when I had great light because much of it is done one-over-one. I love how it's coming out.

When the sun went down and I had to go to artifical light, I worked on the historic mystery sample from Gift of Stitching Magazine. I'm stitching it on a Lakeside Linen using Dinky Dyes silks. This sampler is so much fun to stitch on. I hate putting it down.

Lately I have gotten into scissors and scissor fobs. Here are a couple I recently ordered from etsy. The scissors are called ice cream swirls. Aren't they pretty?

Now, if only it would get really cold with mountains of snow so I could stay home from work and just stitch!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Recipe for Me

The Recipe For Neila

3 parts Silliness
2 parts Recklessness
1 part Courage

Splash of Sensitivity

Finish off with a little umbrella and straw

Who Am I?

I am definitely suffering from split personality! I am once again part of the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap (a sock knitting swap) and am a proud member of Ravenclaw House. However, I am also Prefect of Ravenclaw House so I have two identities..Prefect in my real name and student in a name I will not mention here. I have to remember which name to use to log into this blog and the HSKS4 blog and my own character blog, as well as Ravelry and the different Hogwarts chat rooms. So far, so good. I haven't slipped up and I don't think anyone has figured out who my character is (yet!) It's only a matter of time.

I absolutely love this swap! Jenean, the creator and Headmistress of the swap, does one INCREDIBLE job. I am absolutely in awe of her. She has named me Deputy Headmistress, but I sure hope I don't have to take over her duties.

I've been having so much fun coming up with quizzes for our House and gathering prizes. So far the responses have been great. I have appointed a wonderful Head Girl to help me out...Minerva Kwikspell. I can't wait to find out her true identity at the end of the swap. For that matter, there are quite a few members of this swap I would love to get to know more after the swap is complete ~ knitters who also love Harry Potter.

The swap is a secret swap where everyone has a character name. I know who I am sending a kit to (sock yarn, needles, pattern, stitch markers and handmade bag), but I have no idea who is sending to me. I'm SO curious!!

Now, it's back to figuring out who I am!

Friday, January 11, 2008

What Kind of English Do You Speak?

Your Linguistic Profile:

65% General American English

20% Upper Midwestern

5% Midwestern

5% Yankee

0% Dixie

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First and Last Finishes

Each year my group of stitching friends exchanges a Christmas ornament. For the last several years I've drawn the name of my friend Claudia. I know she likes things she can keep out all winter, rather than just an ornament that will hang on the tree for a short period of time. This year I attempted a flatfold for her and really like how it turned out. I stitched the Little House Needleworks design from the 2007 JSC Christmas ornament issue. Excuse the poor photo! My first finish for 2008 is a Mosey 'n' Me freebie on opalescent fabric. I notice that the Christmas tree charm, which is supposed to be in Santa's hand, is attempting to fly away! Again...excuse the photo!
My first start for 2008 is the historic mystery sampler from The Gift of Stitching magazine. I'm using the suggested Dinky Dyes silks and am loving them! I've never used Dinky Dyes before and I'm impressed. Just holding them is like what I think it would be like to hold a cloud ~ SO soft and fluffy. That brown blob will be a stag eventually!
On Sunday my stitching group had our annual holiday get together. We always wait until January after the craziness of the holiday season. We had such a great day -- too much eating, lots of talking and some stitching! I was introduced to French Vanilla Kahlua. I can see a new addiction in my future!!

Front from left: Claudia and Debbie
Rear: Helene, Teresa, Neila, Char

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Our holidays were wonderful! Aimee arrived Thursday morning and Erik came that evening. We spent time doing that last minute shopping for all those people who had nothing on their shopping lists! Actually we did quite good coming up with the "perfect" gifts. Saturday afternoon Aimee and I went to Ellie's theatre production of "The Best Christmas Pageant". We previously went on opening night (the day after Thanksgiving and the day her sister was born!) so it was fun to see it a second time. I was so blown away by the caliber of this community theatre production. It was GREAT and, of course, Ellie was the cutest baby angel on that stage! That evening Erik, Aimee and I went to see Sweeney Todd. Not sure I liked the movie, but I did like the performances of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.

Sunday Aimee babysat for Sophie in the afternoon. It snowed mountains during the day and the roads were horrible. I had tickets for Vikings/Redskins game that night and I wasn't going to waste them. Erik and I left VERY early and made our way downtown to the Metrodome. It was tough walking from the parking lot to the Dome because a lot of the sidewalks hadn't been cleaned yet and there was ice under all the snow. By the time we got to the Dome, I was actually winded and my thighs were aching. They had swept the snow off the ramps around the Dome, but there was still ice. We saw a guy laying on the ramp before us and security came rushing over. The guy had slipped on the ice and hit his head. We walked slowly and tenderly around the man and the security guard and I proceeded to slip on the ice myself. Fortunately I fell on my side and didn't get hurt. Erik helped me up and then he almost fell. That concerned me because he had knee surgery a year ago and I didn't want him screwing up the knee again. We continued walking to our gate holding onto the chain link fence. When I got to the gate I told security that they needed to get something on that ice or people were going to get seriously injured. I could just see all the drunks trying to walk on that. Unfortunately my Vikings lost...boo hoo.

Christmas Eve we packed up the cars with all the gifts for Tony, Darcy, Ellie and Sophie and headed to their house. They usually come here on Christmas Eve, but this year we decided to go there so they didn't have to take Sophie out. It was great! I brought the traditional meal of lasagne with me. After we ate it was on to gift opening. Ellie and Sophie made out like bandits! Since Aimee works on the Disney Shopping and Disney Store websites, she was able to gets lots and lots of items at their sample sale so Ellie truly had a High School Musical Christmas. I think she got EVERY HSM musical item on the site!

We gave Ellie the High School Musical video game. At first she didn't understand what it was, but when she saw the microphone and realize she could sing all the songs karaokee style, she was all over it! She's such a competitor....only A+ was good enough! One of the best performances was when she and her Auntie Aimee shared the microphone!

Then it was on to some Wii!! Ellie played a wicked game of tennis and almost beat everyone bowling. Boxing kind of did her in, but she had fun!

I had to get a family photo! Tony, Darcy, Ellie and Sophie on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday was Chuck's birthday and today is Darcy's birthday. We celebrated last night by going to Famous Dave's for their fabulous feast. I got to spend lots of time cuddling Sophie. I can't believe how big she is getting and how she is filling out. She's 6 weeks old already!
We also went to the Science Museum of Minnesota after dinner last night to see the Pompeii exhibit. I have always been very interested in Pompeii and seeing the exhibit was fantastic. They have 3 of the original body casts which were very moving. I so enjoyed seeing the foods, paintings, mosiacs, etc. It must have been a marvelous city before it was destroyed.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008