Monday, November 27, 2006

The Life of a Princes

Ellie absolutely loves to play dress up and this weekend she has Auntie Aimee to play with. Ellie disappeared and we knew that when she disappears, she is in her room getting dressed up. Within a few minutes we heard her clapping which was her way of summoning her subject. When I asked if I could take her photo, she graciously posed in her best Princess Pose. be a little girl again!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas Crafting

Ellie thinks it's so much fun to make things together. We made a Halloween box to surprise her parents while I was babysitting. Saturday night we were celebrating Tony's birthday late and I brought the "fixin's" for a Christmas box. Ellie really got into the stamp pads. She was just supposed to ink the edges of the box, but she wanted to make sure there was lots of color everywhere. She got so excited over using a glitter pen, and there was sparkly writing and scribbling everywhere. And stickers...what is it about kids and stickers?? In the end she was pretty proud of her box. She thought maybe she could put notes to Santa in the box.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Now that it's colder outside, I have started walking at the Mall of America in the morning before the shops open. There is usually music playing softly and low lightening. It's a great place to walk and think ~ or not think, whatever the case may be. The Christmas decorations are starting to pop up and the MOA is looking quite festive. My only question is..... WHAT HAPPENED TO THANKSGIVING! We seem to have gone directly from Halloween to Christmas.