Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The end of civil America

I am very saddened by what I am seeing in American society these days.  Greed and hatred and angry is everywhere.   A handful of very greedy, rich, white men are trying to buy our country so they can run it as their own country, so they can control society in general like they control the men and women who slave away for them earning minimum wage, so they can claim all the money in the country for themselves without providing for anyone else.  They don't care who they hurt in their power grab.  They are encouraging discrimination and attempting to set people against each other...conquer and divide.  What I don't understand is how people can defend these horrendous, evil men.  The people who will be hurt the most are the people who are fighting the hardest to enable the spawns of Satan.  

I go to bed many nights in tears just thinking about the country I grew up in and how, as a child, we could wander our whole neighborhood during a summer day...from morning to night...without fear.  Where neighbors all knew each other and all kept an eye on all the children.  Where we were taught to share and to say please and thank you.  We believed the golden rule and treated others as we all wanted to be treated.  We may not have been rich, but we always had everything we needed.  Where has that world gone?  I'm sad and very frightened.