Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Tired of Working

I am so tired of working at this job. I've been here way too long...almost 30 years! I'm tired of dealing with other peoples' problems, both real and pretend. I'm tired of hearing people complain over every little thing they can think of. I'm tired of pettiness and hatefulness and revenge. I'm tired of women pretending to be super mom just to deny men rights to be parents to their children; I'm tired of men refusing to support their children in order to punish women. I'm tired of people who say they can't work because they got a 1/4" cut on their arm. I want a happy job! But in this economy, where do I find a happy job that allows me to work 4 days a week and earn what I do. Not likely! When will that oil well come in??

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This morning while getting ready for work I was listening to a story about "Octomom" on the news. It appears that her father has bought her a half-million dollar house...her father who lost one house, filed bankruptcy, and is in the process of losing another house. How is it that he can now buy his daughter a half million dollar house? We couldn't afford a half million dollar house on both our incomes!

And this is for a woman who has 14 kids, no husband, no job, collects welfare, social security disability for 2 kids, food stamps, etc. A woman who is letting the State of California pick up the $1 million plus in medical expenses for the birth of these 14 kids. A woman who sees nothing wrong with collecting welfare because "that's what it's there for." She has set up a website begging for money; she has prostituted her children by selling photos to anyone who will pay for them; she has talked to anyone who will give her a few bucks. She's out getting manicures and pedicures and spending $14 on lip gloss when she has NO job.

So tell me why the State of California is not going after all this money she is earning to reimburse the bankrupt state for the medical expenses? Why aren't they grabbing all this money she has coming in? Why should the hardworking citizens of CA have to continue to support a totally irresponsible woman?

I can only pray that the state does NOT allow her to take those babies home from the hospital. If she doesn't abuse them, she will surely neglect them as well as the 6 older children. There is no way she can adequately provide for the emotional, physical and mental needs of 14 children, 8 of whom are mostly likely going to have special needs. And emotional abuse and neglect is as devastating as physical abuse, just less visible. Oh, that's right...she is going to have nannies! She's already "hired" them and they are highly trained!! WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS!!

I am so totally and completely disgusted by this sad excuse of a mother. Please, State of CA, step in and take those children away from her! She alone will be a line item in the state budget!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Where, Oh Where, Is Spring?

I can tell I am badly in need of some sunshine and warm weather. This winter has definitely taken a toll on me. I'm always in a funk, always on the verge of tears. I hate my job and have very little patience any more with my clients, my boss, the courts, etc. I honestly can't think of anything that would give me pleasure right now.