Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jesus and Healing the Poor

Jesus and His disciples came to a town, and in the square of that town He preached and He called to the people to come and be healed.

And those with ailments and those covered with sores and boils and those afflicted with all manner of maladies sought His healing.

Jesus approached the first person, a man who lay on a litter, his pain and suffering writ on his face. As Jesus knelt to lay His hands on the man, Peter stepped forward.

“Wait Lord, ” he said. “Are you a participating provider for this man?”

Then Andrew said “Should we not determine whether he suffers from a pre-existing condition?”

Matthew added, “He may be so ill that it would strain Your resources to heal him. In that case, You should not try. Let him seek help elsewhere.”

Then James son of Zebedee and John chimed in. “Why do You not ask for payment?” asked James.

“Surely it is not fair to those who pay their healers if You heal these people without cost,” John pointed out.

“After all,” said Simon Zealot, “what if his condition was brought about by the way he lived? Should he not bear responsibility?”

“I question whether You should heal the children,” said James son of Alphaeus. “Their parents should be working to pay for their care.”

“Indeed,” said Thomas, “if You heal them every time they will never learn personal responsibility.”

“Then they will always rely on the support of others,” said Philip.

“Besides, aren’t there better people to help?” argued Bartholomew.

“They should pull themselves up by their bootstraps,” proclaimed Thaddeus.

Judas Iscariot stared from one disciple to the next. “Oh for crying out loud!” he said. “They don’t have BOOTS!” But they paid him no heed so he went to find an inn and wine.

And Jesus?

Jesus wept.

(Copyright D. Scanlon 2010)

Sunday, April 11, 2010