Monday, November 07, 2016


I have joined two stitching groups for 2017.  One is Year of Starts 2017 where I will start a new project on the 17th day of each month which shouldn't be a problem since I have also joined Stitch From Stash 2017.  I have set a budget of $25 per month for stitching needs.  If I don't use that $25 it can be carried forward to the next month.  With a little luck (and determination) I should have $100 to use at the time of the Stitchville Retreat.

I have been going through my stash and pulling out all the projects I already have kitted or partially kitted.  I don't think I'll have any problems finding a new project to start on the 17th of each month and anticipate the only purchasing I'll need to do is for fibers I run out of. These are the projects I have fully kitted:

  1. Letters from Nora, Letter E - by Nora Corbett
  2. Letters from Nora, Letter S - by Nora Corbett
  3. Happy Halloween 2012 (freebie) - Kit & Bixby
  4. Roses are Red (freebie) - Primitive Traditions
  5. Evergreen Santa - Silver Needle Secret Needle Night
  6. Corsetto - Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
  7. Excursion #2 Vierlande - Amy Mitten Designs
  8. Excursion #3 Friesland - Amy Mitten Designs
  9. Excursion #4 England - Amy Mitten Designs
  10. Excursion #5 Russia - Amy Mitten Designs
  11. Excursion #6 Mexico - Amy Mitten Designs
  12. All Year Square - Betsy Morgan
  13. The Grape Season - Exemplars From the Heart
  14. Snowberry Alphabet - The Victoria Sampler
  15. Sally Johnson Old Sturbridge Museum Collection - Old Willow Stitchery
  16. Wisteria - Nora Corbett
  17. Autumn Blooms - The Cricket Collection
  18. Autumn Queen - Mirabilia
  19. Vintage Valentines - Pine Mountain
  20. A Sizzling Sunflower - Silver Needle Secret Needle Night
  21. It's Berry Time - Blackbird Designs
  22. Ode to Mary Needleroll - Dames of the Needle
  23. Chirpy (since...) - Barbara Ana Designs
  24. Random Threads - Erica Michaels
  25. Gather Friends Close Part 1:  Gather - Hands on Design
  26. Fraktur Friends - Plum Street Samplers
  27. Pumpkin House at Frightmare House - Just Nan
I think I'm all set for my 2017 stitching!

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